5 Things Never Told About Rugby Jersey

Rugby is a sport that deals with speed, strength, teamwork, effort, hard work and more. Isn’t it?

People who didn’t even know about rugby will too love to watch the sport because of the flow of how the game is carried on. That is why the game has a great craze on an international level. But there are some interesting facts that we need to know about the Rugby Jersey, and we will know about them in the article.


Facts need to know about the Rugby Jersey.

  • No Name in the Rugby Jersey.

 Generally, in the rugby jersey, you might notice there will be no particular name in the jersey except the Team name and the jersey number of the player. The main reason for not having the Player's name is we all know that rugby is a team sport. Rugby, cricket, football, volleyball and many games are team sports where players will have their names on the back side of jerseys, but in rugby, having teamwork and each player has a different role to play, keeping that in mind primarily the separate names of the player are not provided. The players need to represent only the team, not themselves; that is the principle behind this.

  • Jersey Material is too tight.

 You might notice that the jersey is too tight to wear, and the players will wear that in the game. There is a simple logic behind it, but that logic is valuable. If the jersey is loose to wear, the opponent can easily grab the player to get the ball; if the jersey is too stiff to wear, that chance is not created among the opponent, and it is very easy to take control of the ball.

  • The material has been changed from cotton wear.

 Generally, the rugby jersey is made up of cotton. But after some years, the plan changed; the jersey material was changed from cotton to cotton and polyester. It is because the cotton absorbs sweat easily, which makes the player uneasy and keeps them dehydrated soon, which requires more water to drink. Wearing cotton cum polyester will not absorb much water, whereas sweat is not absorbed much, keeps you a little hydrated, and that will helps the player to play for a long time.

  • The shirt-swapping tradition.

 Initially, in the rugby game, the shirt-swapping tradition was started, where generally, two jerseys will be provided in the test matches happening in rugby. It is in practice even today where one jersey is used to swap if the player is felt to swap, the jerseys can be swapped to the opponent jersey, and the second jersey is the privileged one that can be provided to the fan or family or even charity as well.

  • Same design but different colour.

 Well, it is a well-visualised unnoticed fact that if you watch a match between two teams, you might notice that the colour may be changed, but the design will not change. If the plain colour has been played by one team, the plain colour will be worn on the jersey. Still, the colour will be different, or if any team is played with a jersey combined with strips, then the same strips will be a pattern, but the colour will be changed; it is how the jersey is carried on.

 These are important and unknown facts known by many who are fond of rugby games. Just grab the knowledge to know the useful facts about the rugby game, and enjoy the fact just like enjoying the game where you will notice when the actual game is played.