6 Secrets about Rugby Jersey

Rugby is one of the shining sports even now where on several continents this game has a great craze. Islands like Australia and New Zealand have a great craze about this game and of course, many details are still hidden here. Let us learn some interesting secrets about Rugby Jersey.


  1. Jersey is Inspired by Football

 The year of 1820s is the period when football dominated almost the world, especially in Great Britain, the country that was invented and went mad at playing football. But once the oval-shaped ball came into action, many people were dragged towards this sport to develop and form clubs. Having that as a fact Jerseys are introduced and that is inspired by Football. In Football the jerseys have a line that is horizontal whereas in rugby it has vertical lines.


  1. No names in Jersey

 Strategies are the best thing to win a game. Strategies included the strength and weaknesses of individual players to point out and take chances from the weaker ones to win the game. It may be fortunate or not that when rugby was spread enormously none of the player's names was included behind their jerseys. It makes the opposite point out that particular player's strength and weakness to win the game: without the jersey name and wearing a covered helmet it is difficult to point out the player.


  1. The material used

 We all know that all the jerseys are being recycled nowadays, which are mixed with polyester and cotton for good flexibility where players need to feel more comfortable while playing. It is also included in Rugby where you know how the jersey in rugby will be, but these materials take time for up to 70 years to have this kind of jersey. Before that, the jerseys were fabricated with wool. It is because of the cold climate in the United Kingdom. But during running players feel more discomfort and they feel very hard to breathe, and the jerseys are not sweated absorbent. Though many felt discomfort with this jersey it still takes up to 70 years to change the material.


  1. Full hand to Half Hand

 Nowadays, players have their preferences in choosing their jersey whether it is full-handed or half-handed; it is all their consent. But during the period of 1800s, none of the options are provided where each team approved to wear full-hand jerseys and that is for one actual reason. In Rugby, while chasing opponents have a high chance to pull and insure the player. To prevent that full handed jerseys are initiated where it creates less impact and later for many reasons half hand is used.


  1. The initial stage of Jerseys

 Initially, jerseys do not have any design. Moreover, each team has a separate jersey and each of them have different colors. It is fixed that one exact color must not be used by other teams which are strictly followed.


  1. Elasticity

 We all know that the Current Rugby Jerseys are updated well with super gear where certain portions of jerseys are fabricated with elasticity with the help of cotton mixed polyester for the best fit.