History of Rugby Players

Rugby is one of the famous sports like football and tennis in this world where people who view this sport will love to watch till the end, because of the intensity and the magnitude carried in the game where players will fight for the ball, for the team with their strength and skill. Every big thing has some small starting point. Likewise, Rugby has its small starting point and that are been mentioned below.


How was the Game Rugby formed?

It was one fine good sunny day in England. A city named Warwickshire is holding a football game at the school level zone, and in this match, none of the players or spectators will expect that this game will be in the trend, whereas a person named William Webb Ellis had other ideas in the year 1823. At the crucial time of the game, William Webb Ellis one of the players from the rugby school thought to take the ball in his hand, and he ran towards the goalpost. At that time some may point out this thing as crazy but after that, the idea struck for many to create a sport based on this manner, and for all the players who are playing Rugby, William Webb Ellis is the godfather of this game. Also, the Rugby world cup is called earlier by William Webb Ellis.


Evolution of Rugby Players.

 Initially, many people didn’t encourage the sport since many said that was a cheating spirit of taking a football in hand. Later the ball has been re-designed into an elliptical shape made up of pig bladders and the clubs are formed later to play the sport. For almost fifty years, the game was played only in England where players don’t follow any food or exercise, where in the year 1843 the Rugby rules were formed officially and that describes the game to another level. Later the rules were formed in the year 1851 the first official rugby ball is made by Richard Lindon and William Gilbert, who are well know shoemakers who designed the new elliptical designed rugby shoe.


Till then, the sport had become more famous in several counties, and in-country like New Zealand this game become more popular in the year 1870. In the initial days the players are supposed to wear woolen jerseys and after the consideration of comfortability and to enhance the game the jerseys are re-defined for them and players are also re-defined by maintaining such a rigid physique during the early 1900s.

 The world cup of Rugby made players more desperate to win the game and it makes them more necessary to maintain their physique and team well with handling sufficient gear incorporated into them.

 In the earlier stages, the Rugby players are not meant for that particular sport, they are the people who play football, and on top of that several people are added who didn’t get a proper chance in football were added to the list. Initially, most of them don’t take the game at serious note due to its unpopularity and none of the rules were formed initially, but after that, once the rules are formed and several clubs are formed here many of them loved to play the sport at the serious note and there comes the magnitude of the game. It is how the players have been exposed from taking the sport seriously note.

 Seriously, Rugby is one of the most wanted sports and none of them would ever imagine this game will be found by a crazy incident that happened in football. Enjoy the sport and encourage the players to the fullest.