Summer Fashion is a Dying Art

Before starting the article, let me say what dying art means. It is because some may not have a clear idea about the dying art where it is meant as the popularity of the fashion is very less, or it is fading out from the trend. In that case, Summer fashion is a dying art where; we can discuss whether summer fashion is dying or not.


Lists of Summer Fashion

 There are many lists of summer fashion, and let us have a look at them one by one and have a clear knowledge of whether the fashion is trending or not.


  • Summer outfits

 Once upon a time, summer fashions were the most trendy; if any troop was going on tour to any famous location like Goa, by default, they would have the mindset to wear this. This outfit makes them feel great and keeps them relaxed, which makes them comfortable for the time being, and that outfit is faded out year by year. Because it has been used even on casual days, which reduces its popularity well. The printed island-style, palm tree-style shirts are not trending now but are available in the market.


  • Summer Styled Haircut

 Summer-styled haircuts are the ones which are dying in recent times, where during the summer season these kinds of hairstyles are the best to go for, and you know well how the haircut would be. The minimal amount of hair in our head is the best for the summer season and that makes to chill in the hot climate and keeps our body stable, sweating occasionally. But after the implementation of several haircuts, the old classic style is reducing nowadays.


  • Sun Glasses

 These are the most trended till now during the summer season. Due to the highly intense atmosphere in the breeze air, eyes tend to get more heat on it, which is not good, and to prevent that, cool sunglasses are available to prevent the Ultra Violet rays. But though it is being trended even during the winter season, the popularity is very low during the summer.


  • Cap

 During the ’90s, this thing was too famous; during the summertime, the cap was considered the most trended one, and at least one person in a home used to wear this. But now a day, the cap is upgraded to different things like hats, headbands, and more that people love to use. That is why the cap is outdated nowadays, where the trend is available only in games like cricket and tennis. 


  • Sandals

 These are more famous when they launched in the early days when especially females loved to wear this available in different patterns and colors, which even males used to wear in the early 90s. These types of sandals wear are fade when time goes off and new flip flops are launched here that make it more comfortable to wear than the sandals and that is why they are outdated.


  • Vest Banyans

 Vest banians are something that is most needed during the summer time and they are the best ones to absorb sweat. These banyans are something that is available in the classic pattern which was started in the early ’80s and they are also too comfortable, but we all know that when a new innovation got hit the old one gets faded off. Likewise, the vest banyans lost their art as time goes on.


These are the top most dying fashion used earlier, and now we don’t know where these things are gone. The trend has changed at least three to four times now from all these things and if you have any chance, try them at least once to know their comfortability.