This Week Top Stories About Rugby Jersey

What ruminate you about Rugby? Many of you may come up with well known sports. But we are telling you another aspect of it. Isn’t surprise? Yes, It Does.

The journey begins through Rugby Jersey early 1800 century later which sports of rugby rules were made. During times players commonly played on street in working garments and gear when it was not well played.

However afterwards the first rugby was worn by the players of rugby school house team, who wore red velvet cap, white trouser and white shirt with their goals set. At that time players used to wear their own design and colors as laws governing uniform not established. As sports progress the “KIT” adopted in 1871 includes plain shirt and bow ties, with heavy duty boots.

This was not enough as players suffered discomfort in the playground and playing ability was slower. Afterwards the “KIT” got changed as describe by Old Account. The Rugby School should match with the dark trouser black and scarlet striped jersey and socks.

However, some players such as “Captain” was used to wear monocle when playing and making a tackle.  But the matter was about players if they can’t play well then how would the apparel matters?

The Horizontal Stripe Uniform Jersey was used both in sports and fashion. In 1900 soccer and rugby was in fast pace. It was now quite confusing to differentiate with, Then has to decide one for each. Soccer took vertical stripes and rugby took vertical. As Rugby fill out certain frame and unbound to penetrate fashion face.

Mid 1900 people who did not familiar with rugby start wearing striped jersey. Who thought that rugby become fad and were stunned. New Zealand start shipping 60000 rugby jersey to US.

 In addition to fulfill adequate striped rugby jersey become the most popular casual wear brings anger amongst rugby fans contrary to fans who like more fashion than sports which created the disputes among apparel companies.

Now the question was how much to modify the apparel according to sports comfort. Ove the course of rugby history the uniform has not changes until professionalism set up in 1900’s.

Only then sporting brands emerge with high sales team apparel and to rise it new “KIT” introduced later. These jerseys then came with more vibrant color and design.


To make it more comfortable companies started using various textile such as Polyester Nylon, Spandex stopped absorption of sweat and dirt. Soon after jerseys taken the form of logos and  Emblems. On the back of jersey, the name of players and team number was draft.

 As time passes the jersey took new form and drastic change was when New Zealand and England wore Dri- Fit Jersey made of Hi Tech Stuffs. The Australian Wallabies also wear reinvented jersey but to please the fans the design were kept original and authentic. 10 years later the fans taste converted to Adi-thread jersey which was manufactured with idea of 100 000 fans engraved on it.

 As new era evolved, sports rapidly took it growth and fueled by global emerging market, with change in the market rugby grows with different texture and design. We welcome the Rugby as brand heritage. The Companies started collection as Rugby T-shirt, Rugby Polo Shirt, Vintage Rugby, Gentlemen long sleeve, Corduroy and many more. These are the classic set of rugby Jersey. We welcome the Rugby Lover or Fashion Lover to out most heritage brand. You’re welcome on oldschoolsa